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Head Teacher Hot Seat Archive 2012-2013

March and April 2013


The latest set of probing questions come from Year 6.


Question 1.  What is your favourite sport?

I enjoy playing tennis, although I no longer run for the ball. I only hit the ball back if it comes within an arms length of where I am standing. I also like to watch tennis - every year I apply for Wimbledon tickets, and every year I get tickets for a school day, so I can't go!


Question 2.  What is your favourite TV show?

Sadly I don't get to watch much television as a grown up! I do enjoy watching University Challenge (and get very excited when I can answer a question!) I also enjoy watching anything that makes me laugh.


Question 3.  Have you ever had a nickname?
Yes - but I'm not telling you what it is.


Question 4.  What time do you go to bed?

10 pm on a school night.


Question 5.  Tell us about your favourite book.

When I was in Reception my favourite book was called "Ping" - it was about a duck living in China. As a grown up, my favourite book is "The Grapes of Wrath" by an American writer called John Steinbeck. I also enjoy books written by a British author called Arnold Bennett and I love reading books by Charles Dickens. I have read each one of their stories several times.


Question 6.  How many teachers are there in school?

Lots! Altogether, Chatsworth Primary School employs almost 100 people!


Question 7.  Have you ever had an embarrassing moment?

I have had many embarrassing moments in my life, but I don't think I want to share them with you!


Question 8.  Did you have a job prior to being a teacher?

When I was at University I had different jobs during the summer holidays. One year I worked in a roller disco in Louisiana (USA). That was fun. In the 1980s, roller discos were very popular, ask your parents. That also reminds me of an embarrassing moment which I will share with you. I was working one evening, trying to look super cool and skate around like a champion. While I was busy showing off, I stopped looking where I was going and skated into a pillar. Everybody laughed and it was very embarrassing!

I have uploaded a clip from youtube to show you what roller discos were like. Check with your parent or carer before you watch it please.


Question 9.  What do you have for breakfast?

On a school day I have tea and cereal with blueberries. At the weekend I like to have toast with blueberry jam. I'm a blueberry fan!


Question 10.  Do you have a favourite animal?

I like bears - a couple of years ago I went to Alaska on holiday and spent a day watching bears fishing for salmon - it was very exciting! I also love penguins. There was a programme on TV recently about penguins which I really enjoyed. I have added a link to youtube so show you a clip from the programme, but please check with your parent or carer before watching it.

January and February 2013

This month the Head Teacher Hot Seat questions are from the children in Crocus Class (Year 1).


Question 1 What is your favourite instrument and why?

I don't have a favourite instrument - I like so many of them! I enjoy watching and listening to people playing musical instruments and I always wish it was me on the stage. When I was a child we did not have music lessons at school and so I am determined to make sure that every child at Chatsworth has a chance to play an instrument at some point, the fife in Year 3, clarinet in Year 4 and guitar in Year 5. When I see the children playing their instruments I always want to join in!


Question 2 What do you like inside your sandwich?

My favourite sandwich is a hot steak and cheese panini - delicious!


Question 3 Can you ride a bike?

Yes I can! Sometimes, when I am tired of working hard and my brain starts to hurt, I go down to the Reception classrooms and ride on their two-seater bike. Being so tall, I have to sit on the back seat. I don't have a bicycle of my own at home, so I hire a Boris Bike if I want to go cycling. In the summer my friends and I go cycling around cental London before we go to work. At 5am the roads are empty and we safely ride round Piccadilly Circus and the West End. When I go out on the road I ALWAYS wear my cycling helmet and high-vis jacket.


Question 4 Why is school so big now?

Almost every school in Hounslow has increased in size over the last five years. There are lots of children living in this area and they all have to go to school.


Question 5 What is your favourite food and why?

Gosh another hard question to answer - I LOVE all foods, including school dinners. My favourite school dinner is the cheese pasty - delicious!


Question 6 What is your favourite thing to draw?

Do you know, I don't really do any drawings anymore, which is sad. However, I went to a very long and very dull meeting recently and at the end of the meeting I noticed I had doodled all over my page and it was mostly aeroplanes - so thats my answer - aeroplanes!


Question 7 What country do you like to visit the most?

I can't choose - I really enjoy travelling - meeting new people, exploring new places and finding out about different cultures.

December 2012

Question 1 What is your favourite history book?

At the moment I am reading a book called "A Journal of the Plague Year" by Daniel Defoe. It was written in the early 1700s, about sixty years after the Great Plague hit London. The book contains lots of facts about the plague, with some story telling too, it is very interesting. When the children in Year 2 learn about the plague in the Summer term 2013, I will quiz them to see how much they have learned!


Question 2 Can you swim?

Yes, I can swim. When I was a child I used to swim in competitions for my school. I was a fast swimmer, but never fast enough to come first, second or third in a race. I still go swimming at weekends. Every December I plan to go swimming in the Serpentine on Christmas Day, although I never do - I think it would be too cold!


Question 3 Where do you come from?



Question 4 When is the field open?

Soon, I hope. At the moment, the field is too wet for us to use. If we had a playtime on the field this week, everyone would go home covered in mud. As soon as the field dries out we shall start using it again.


Question 5. What is your favourite bridge?

What an unusual question. I suppose my favourite bridge is Tower Bridge in central London. It is a combined bascule and suspension bridge and it was completed in 1894. I think the bridge looks wonderful when it is lit up at night and I think it is very exciting when the bridge opens for ships to sail through. Some people mistakenly refer to it as London Bridge, but that bridge is further down the River Thames.


Have a look at Tower Bridge at night during the Olympic games opening Ceremony. Here is the link to the Youtube clip:


Please make sure you have permission from your parent or carer before watching the clip.

November 2012:


Q: What is your favourite colour? 

    Thats an easy one - school uniform blue!


Q: What car do you own?

    I have a big red Ferrari, which I disguise as a VW Polo every morning.


Q: What was your favourite TV programme as a child?

    I loved to watch "The Clangers" - in fact, I still watch them on youtube



Q: When will you get rid of the climbing frame in the playground?

    When the Year 5 playground is finished and the builders have gone, we will

    make a final decision about the climbing frame.


Q: Do you want to make Chatsworth the best school in London?

    No, I want to make it the best school in the country.


Q: Can we go swimming more often?

    A good question. Not during this academic year. However in the Spring term I     

    will be meeting with Mrs Hunter, our PE coordinator, to discuss how we can improve

    the teaching of swimming. If you have any views on swimming during the school day,

    please write to Mrs Hunter, she would love to know what you think!


Q: How long have you been a teacher and where was your first school?

    I have been teaching for over twenty five years! My first job was teaching Year 3

    at a small primary school in East Sussex. I could see the sea from my classroom!