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Head Teacher Hot Seat

Mr Wright is the Head Teacher at Chatsworth and we know that you have lots of questions for him. So this is where we get to put Mr Wright in the hotseat. When it is your classes turn, your questions will be posted on this page and Mr Wright will respond.


Remember, you can look back at previous questions in the archive... 


Questions from Olympic Park class:


  1. Do you have any pets and what are their names?

     I have a dog and his name is Buster.


2.  What country are you from?

     I was born in England and grew up in Lancashire, which is in the north western part of

     England. See if you can find Lancashire on our map of the UK.


3.  What is your favourite animal?

     That would be the penguin.


4.  Do you have a favourite book?

     No, but my favourite authors are Arnold Bennett and Charles Dickens. I like to read the

     Harry Potter stories too, JK Rowling has an amazing imagination.


5.  What is your favourite football team?

     Sorry - I am not a big football fan and I don't really have a favourite team. When I was a

     child, my Dad used to take me to watch Liverpool play football, so if I really have to

     choose a team, it would be Liverpool.


6.  What is your favourite desert?

     Hmm, do you mean desert or dessert? An extra 's' changes the word completely!


    My favourite desert would be the Colorado plateau in the United States. I have driven

    through Monument Valley several times and it always amazes me.


    My favourite dessert would be syrup sponge and custard!

My dog, Buster.

My dog, Buster. 1

Monument Valley

Monument Valley 1