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  • Writing Activity - A Treasure map

Can you draw a treasure map?






  • Where is the treasure hidden?
  • Is it under a tree?
  • Next to some rocks?
  • Do you need to go around the cave?
  • Draw some things that are on the island.
  • Don't forget to mark where your treasure is hidden with a cross.

When you have drawn your map, have a go at doing some writing. Can you write the words for the places on your map? 


Please let your child have a go at their own writing and do not give them words to copy. If they cannot write letters, please encourage them to make lines and circles; which are the early stages of writing. Ask them what their writing says. You can always write what they say underneath. 


Please encourage them to have a go at writing their name.


Below is an example of the stages of writing.






  • Number Activity - How many inside?

What is the rule about counting? We count everything once and we stop when we have done so. The last number we say tells us how many we have (the quantity)


You will need a tin or cup and a collection  buttons, coins or stones.


  • Drop 4 coins into the tin one at a time, while your child listens carefully.
  • Ask them how many they think are inside the tin?
  • Why do they think that? How sure are they?
  • Tip them out and check. 


Once your child becomes good at this, ask

  • "How many is that so far inside the tin?" and then dropping two more on top of the original amount.
  • Support your child in counting on from a small amount, four......five....six.
  • The important idea is to draw their attention to the last number we say telling us how many there are. 



  • Shape Space and Measure - Positional language treasure hunt

Find a selection of treasure. Your treasure can be things that are special to you. This could include a special toy, coins, jewellery, shells, feathers, anything you want really. 



   Hide your treasure around the house or in your garden. Ask someone in your family to find the treasure.

Use positional vocabulary to describe where they found it. 


  • It was hidden under the .........
  • It was hidden inside the.........
  • It was hidden behind the.......               


Ask someone in your family to hide the treasure now and see if you can find it. 


  • Creative Activity - making a pirate telescope




All pirates need a telescope. You will need a cardboard tube, like the one from a kitchen roll.

  • How will you decorate it?
  • You can use paint, crayons or decorate it with stickers or shiny things.
  • Be as creative as you like. 


  • Physical Activity - Obstacle course


Use objects from around your house and garden to create an obstacle course. This could involve

  • blankets over chairs to go under
  • objects to jump over
  • balls to bounce or kick
  • challenges such as hopping and  jumping
  • trying to throw soft objects into a bucket or container
  • cushions scattered over the floor to jump from one another



  • 'The World Around Me' activity - Sinking and floating




You will need a bath or container filled with water.


  • What is floating?
  • What is sinking?
  • How do we know that something will float or sink?


Search the house for objects that can safely get wet.

  • Do you think they will float or sink?
  • Why do you think this?


Test the objects in your bath or container filled with water.

  • Were you right or wrong?
  • Why do you think that happened?