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Writing Activity - Flags Flying High!




Let your child so as much of this activity by themselves, even using the scissors.  Model how to cut the tape etc if needed but let your child have a go.

You will need:

-paper or card


-sellotape or masking tape or glue

-straws or sticks


On your paper or card, draw your favourite superhero, princess, football team or anything else you like.

Or have a go at drawing some patterns and funny lines on your paper or card.

Remember to write your name on your flag!  


Click on the picture below to find out how to make a selfie flag.


Number Activity - Quick Jump!

You'll need some foam number tiles if you have them or make your own paper number tiles.



Scatter the numbers on the floor so that they are all jumbled up.  

Call out a number and ask your child to jump onto the number you have said.



If they can recognise the numbers you might ask them to jump onto the number that:

-is one more

-is one less

-comes before

-comes after

-is on our front door

-is your age

-is how many people there are in our family

-is your favourite number

-is two numbers that are added together

-is even/odd 

-is bigger than/smaller than the number I say.


Shape, Space and Measure Activity - Make a Bug Hotel or a Wormery!

Have a go at making a wormery or a bug hotel.  Click on the pictures below to find out how to make them.  Talk about what you will need.  


All of the materials will feel and look different, and most of them will be different:





-you will also need different amounts of them all.

Talk about these things together as you do the activity.


Fine Motor Activity - Busy Fingers


You need:

- a colander or something similar with holes in

-spaghetti/pipe cleaners/straws/cotton buds


Have a go at pushing your straws etc through the holes so that they go through the holes. 

Use the scissors to cut your straws etc so that they are all different lengths. 



Gross Motor Activity - Cosmic Yoga

Click on the pictures below to have a go at some Cosmic Yoga based crocodiles and on the story 'Giraffe's Can't Dance'.



Creative Activity - Make your own Puppet Theatre

Click on the picture below to watch a very easy way of making your own puppet theatre.

You will need:

  • 1 cereal box
  • 2 pieces of fabric (use anything you can unwanted clean tea towel/cloth would do)
  • 1 chop stick or kebab skewer or strong straw
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Masking tape or sellotape


Make some puppets and put on your own puppet show! 


The World Around Us Activity - Bugs!

This time of year there are lots of minibeasts about.  

Click on the picture below to find out about minibeasts.

Go on a minibeast hunt and see what you can find.

If you have a magnifying glass take it with you so you can take a closer look.




I wonder which minibeasts you will find and where they will be hiding.  Have a look:

-under rocks, stones and logs

-on tree trunks

-in flower beds

-on flowers

-and anywhere else you think they might be hiding!

   Make a chart on some paper like the one below to record what you find.