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Under the Sea



Visit your local garden centre or pet shop and have a look inside the fish section.



I wonder how many fish you can find.

I wonder what the fish look like and how they move.

I wonder if the fish have a pattern on their scales.

I wonder which fish is your favourite and why.


Find Out...

Click on the pictures below to find out about fish.

Talk about what you see.




Here are some ideas for you to use to make your own under the sea creatures.

-Jelly fish using a bowl/yoghurt pot and some string/wool/ribbon/paper

-under the sea scene using an egg carton

-bubble wrap printing on paper and cut out your own fish to hang on a mobile made with a stick and string

-octopus using a paper plate and pipe cleaners

-your own under the sea aquarium using your recycling








In the Kitchen... 

Have a go at making your own fish fingers. 

If you don't eat fish, you can use tofu or try some softer vegetables like courgettes and make vegetable fingers too!

Click on the pictures below to go to the recipes.