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Water at Home


Find Out...

Click on the picture to watch a video all about water.



Have a go at making your own water squirter.  

Click on the picture below to find our hat you need and how to make a squirter.


Bubble painting is so much fun!

You need...


-washing up liquid





Put a little bit of paint and fairy liquid into cup or bowl and add some water.

Blow into the mixture through your straw.

Pop the bubbles by laying a piece of paper on top of the bubbles!


Bath Time Fun

When you have a bath...take some jugs, sieves,colanders, whisks, spoons and cups with you to play with.

I wonder if you can make bubbles or how full/empty you can make the cups, pouring from one cup to another.


How many...

I wonder how many items in your home need water to work.

Go on a treasure hunt and see what you can find.  

Here are some ideas of what you might find...


Talk about how they work and what they are used for.






I wonder how many sets of taps you have in your house...go and see if you can find them all and count them all.  Are they all the same?

Practise filling a bottle using the tap. Remember to turn the tap on slowly and to turn the tap off.

Talk about how full and empty your bottle is.

Why not add some colour to your filled bottle...or put the bottle in the freezer...or add some glitter/sequins/cut straws.

What happens?


In the Kitchen...

Let your child help you prepare breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Talk about when you need to use water and how much you need e.g. to boil vegetables, make a cup of tea, make gravy or soup