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Physical Development

Make a bird feeder 

This time of the year the birds find it difficult to find food. Why don't you make a bird feeder to put in your garden so you can watch the birds. 

You will need:

  • some cheerios or similar hooped cereal
  • pipe cleaners

Click on the picture below to find out what to do.

I wonder how many hoops you can put onto the pipe cleaner? Can you count them?



Can you write a thank-you letter? 

I'm sure you have all had some lovely presents over the Christmas holidays and it would be lovely to say thank you to your family and friends. 

Draw a picture of the present that you received and have a go at some writing. Please allow your child to have a go at their own writing. You can write what it says underneath. Don't forget to have a go at writing your name. 

Post your letter in the letter box.

What a lovely surprise your letter will be.





Maths - Number   

Musical number tiles 

Lay out some foam number tiles on the floor. If you don't have any foam tiles you can easily make your own from paper or card. Tape the numbers down so that your child does not slip over. 

Play some music and ask your child to dance around. When the music stops, call out a number and your child has to jump onto the corresponding mat.

If your child is just beginning to recognise numerals then just use the numbers 1-3 or 1-5. You can then move up to 10 once they begin to learn them. 



Creative Development 

Making Snowflakes

You will need:

Blue or dark paper

white paint

a fork

cotton buds


1. Pour some paint onto a plate.

2. Dip the fork into the paint.

3. Stamp the fork into the centre of the paper with the ends of the fork facing out. Stamp the fork 3 more times to make a cross. 

4. Then stamp the fork 4 more times in between each of the cross stamps.

5. Repeat this over the paper.

6. Dab the cotton bud into the paint and print randomly over the paper to create smaller snow flakes.

7. You can add glitter if you like to make your snowflakes sparkle.

Have fun!



Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Now that winter is here there are changes happening outside all around us. Wrap up warm and go on a winter scavenger hunt. How many signs of winter can you find?


Click on the document below to down load the hunt.