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  • Writing Activity - Write a shopping list


Have a look in the cupboards and the fridge with your child and see what you need to buy when you do your next online shop or trip to the supermarket.

Find a pen/pencil and some paper for you and your child and write your own lists.  Make sure you write down how many of each thing you need to buy e.g. 4 oranges, 3 bottles of milk.  


When the shopping arrives, both you and your child cross off all of the items that have been delivered/bought. 

I wonder if you forgot to buy something?  Both start your list for next week if you have.


Please let your child have a go at their own writing, talk about sounds you can hear in the words.  Do not give them words to copy.  Please encourage them to make lines and circles; which are the early stages of writing, or letter shapes if they can write them.  Ask them what their writing says and write it underneath for them to see.


Number Activity - Treasure Hunt!

When you are outside walking around, give each other something to find.  

Can you find:

  • 5 red cars
  • 7 blue cars
  • 4 chimneys
  • 3 road name signs
  • 8 front doors
  • 9 lamp posts
  • think of some other things you can hunt for.


At home inside, see if you can do the same but think of some trickier things to find.

Can you find:

  • 2 teaspoons
  • 4 bags
  • 2 hats
  • 6 windows
  • 5 boxes
  • think of some other things you can find.


Shape, Space and Measure - Shoe Hunt! 

Have a look around your house for up to 10 shoes or 5 pairs of shoes.  A pair is 2 of something like shoes, gloves or socks.  

  • I wonder if you can put them in order of their sizes from smallest to biggest and then biggest to smallest.
  • Can you find a shoe that is bigger or smaller than another shoe?


Talk about the shoes...I wonder...

  • when you might wear them? To play sport? To go to a party?
  • how the shoes do up?
  • what numbers you can find on the soles or inside?
  • what do the numbers mean?
  • if some shoes have longer laces than others?  Why?


Creative Activity - Stick Magic

  • Find some sticks.
  • Talk about how the sticks are all different and how some of them are the same.

I wonder what you can make with your sticks when you are at home.




How will you join them together?  



Physical Activity - Races!

Have a go at having some races, both inside or outside.  

Talk about who comes first (1st), second (2nd), third (3rd)...  Explain how it is important to take part and not always win as young children can often get upset by this.  Make sure you give your child lots of praise for taking part even if they don't win.

Inside race ideas:

  • getting dressed quickly race
  • putting your pyjamas on quickly race
  • hopping to a different room race
  • jump up and down 20 times race

Outside race ideas:


  • race around your garden
  • egg and spoon race
  • running races between lamp posts when you go for a walk
  • rolling races in the garden
  • jumping races along the pavement.


'The World Around Me' activity - Freezing and Melting

  • Find 2 bowls or cups or an ice cube tray of different sizes (you can even use a clean empty yoghurt pot or butter tub).  
  • Fill the containers with water and then put them in the freezer to freeze.  
  • You might want to put something in the water such as a small plastic toy, some sequins, straws or anything else that will be ok if frozen.
  • Keep checking the freezer to see how the water is changing.

The water will freeze!


  • Talk about what the water was like before it went in the freezer.  Talk about what ice is like now!
  • Leave the ice in a sunny place and see what happens to it.