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Physical Development  

Do you enjoy dancing? Can you move to the beat?

It’s time to get your body moving and your heart thumping as you dance along with Oti.


Please click on the picture below to learn the dance.



Understanding of the World 

Do you like lots of different kinds of fruit?

Have you ever tried lots of different fruits?

If you don’t, why don’t you try making a fruit salad.

Click on the picture below to listen to the story together of ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’.

Oliver didn’t like fruit, until he made a fruit salad.



Fruit salad is easy to make and you can use any kinds of fruit you like. Pick some of your child’s favourite fruit but try adding something new. This is a good opportunity to get them to try it, especially if they are a fussy eater.

Children can easily peel satsumas, oranges and bananas and can cut bananas and soft fruit with a blunt knife. Let them do as much as it is safe for them to do.

Let them watch you prepare fruit like pineapples, apples and kiwis, encouraging them to talk about what they can see. 


Encourage your child to explore the different fruits using all of their senses.

Talk about how the fruit feels, looks, smells and tastes.

Is it juicy, sweet or sour?

Does it have a peel? Do we need to peel the fruit or can we eat the peel?

Talk about the importance of eating at least 5 different pieces of fruit and vegetables a day and why they are good for you.



Can you write a shopping list of all the fruit you will need to make your fruit salad?

(See Understanding of the World, for making a fruit salad)

You can draw a picture of the fruit you will need and then have a go at writing the name underneath.

Encourage your child to make their own marks and letter shapes, rather than giving them letters to copy. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look like real letters, just encourage them to have a go and praise what they do. Ask them what they have written, and you can write the word underneath.


Maths - Shape, Space and Measure

Water play – Capacity 

This activity is best done in the bath, as it will save a wet floor!

If you do not have a bath, then it can easily be done in the sink or by filling a large container with water.


Find a selection of different sized and shaped containers for you child to play with. You could use bottles, jugs, bowls, cups and any plastic containers.

Let them fill the containers with water and then empty them out again. Whilst they play talk to your child about what they are doing.

Is the container full, empty, half-full, heavy or light?

Which container holds the most water and which holds the least?

How many small containers of water will it take to fill up the larger one?




Expressive Arts and Design

Can you make a musical instrument?

A shaker is the easiest instrument to make at home. All you need is an empty, clean plastic bottle with a lid and something to fill it with. You could use, rice, pasta, seeds or buttons. Put a small amount into the bottle and screw on the lid. Then decorate your bottle in any way you like. You can stick things onto it or even paint it.




Click on the picture below to see how to make a rainbow shaker



Play your shaker as you sing along and dance to songs!