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Physical Development & Listening and Attention

Captain says

This game is a bit like ‘Simon Says’, but as we are thinking about pirates we will have a captain instead. You can play this game just you and your child, but it will be even more fun if you get the whole family involved!


One person is the captain and will call out the actions. Everyone else is a pirate and must follow the Captain and do the action, but only when Captain says. For example, "Captain says, touch your toes.” Everyone must touch their toes.

Then Captain has to try and get everyone to do the action without saying Captain says. If someone does the action and the Captain hasn’t said Captain says, that person is out of the game. For example, if the Captain says just “touch your toes” and someone touches their toes, they are out of the game.


Here are some ideas of things you can ask the pirates to do.

  • sit down
  • turn around
  • jump up and down
  • hop on one foot
  • clap your hands
  • touch your knees
  • wiggle your fingers 
  • slither on the ground like a snake
  • skip around the room
  • do jumping jacks
  • wiggle your hips



All pirates have a treasure map to follow to find the buried treasure.

Can you draw a treasure map?

Draw a picture showing how to get to the buried treasure.

Maybe you need to go over the hill, around the tree and then past the flowers.

Don’t forget to mark where the treasure is with a cross.




Maths – number

It is important that children can count in a range of ways, not just counting objects. They need to understand that anything can be counted including steps, hops, jumps and claps.

This can easily be practised by playing games such as , "How many jumps can you do? Let's count them." or "Can you clap 5 times." Ensuring your child stops when they reach 5.


Drop Coin      

For this game you will need a selection of coins and a tin or pot.


The aim is to drop each coin into the pot one at a time, without your child seeing you drop the coins. They need to listen carefully to the sound and count the sound rather than seeing the coin.

Start by dropping a coin into the tin/pot and count one when you hear it touch the bottom. Then drop in another coin and count two. Drop in one more and see if your child can tell you what number comes next. Remind your child that they need to listen carefully and to count the sounds.

Start with a small number and once your child can achieve this drop in a higher number.


Expressive Arts and Design

Can you be a pirate?

All pirates need a pirate hat and possibly an eye patch.

You can make a pirate hat from black paper or maybe a paper plate.

Click on the picture below to find out how to make a simple hat and eye patch.


Now you're a pirate, why not have a go at the pirate dance.

Click on the picture below and join in. Have fun!



Understanding of the World

Spring scavenger hunt

Now that the weather is a little warmer and the days are a little longer, have you noticed the changes that are happening outside?

Have you noticed the flowers that are growing?

Have you heard the birds or seen them starting to build their nests?

Look closely at the bushes and the trees.

Are there any buds or leaves growing?

Have a look in your garden or when you go outside for your daily exercise, see if you can spot any signs of Spring.


You can print off the sheet attached and see if you can spot the things on the sheet.

Click on the picture below to find out about daffodils with Auntie Mabel.