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Writing Activity - Wanted Poster!

In 'What the Ladybird Heard' the police caught the burglars but sometimes they don't and need to put a 'WANTED' poster.  

Together have a go at making a WANTED poster.  Decide on a pretend character that you are looking for.





Please don't forget to let your child have a go at their own writing and do not give them words to copy. If they cannot write letters, please encourage them to make lines and circles; which are the early stages of writing. If they can only write the letters from their name then this is fine, that is the next stage. If they have some phonic knowledge then ask them if they can write the first letter in the word. Ask them what their writing says. You can always write what they say underneath. 


Please encourage them to have a go at writing their name.


Maths - Number Activity

Draw your own ladybird shape on a piece of paper. 

Find a dice and some buttons, counters, coins, raisins or anything else that you can use as spots.



If you don't have any dice at home, click the picture below to find out how to make one.  

Take it in turns to roll the dice, count the dice spots and put that many spots on your ladybird.

I wonder who has the most/least spots on their ladybird.  

I wonder how many spots there are on the ladybirds altogether.


Maths - Shape, Space and Measure

Ladybirds are tiny!



Go on a 'tiny' treasure hunt in your house and collect some tiny objects in a small bowl/plate/bucket.

I wonder how many things you can find.

Talk about the object's:

  • size
  • colour
  • use
  • feel
  • sound.

I wonder if all of the tiny objects are the same size.

Talk about objects that are bigger or smaller than others.. Try to use other words to describe smaller items such as minute, minuscule, petite, mini, miniature.


Creative - Ladybirds!

Why not dress up in red and black and pretend to be ladybirds.


Or you might like to make ladybird masks or paint your own ladybirds.

Ladybirds are other colours too...have a look at the photo below to see the different coloured ladybirds.  


Physical - Dancing

Click on the picture below to watch a song and dance about ladybirds.

Have a go and join in.  


The World Around Us - Let's Find out More about Ladybirds

Click on the picture below to find out some interesting information about ladybirds. 

When you are in the park or your garden look out for ladybirds hiding on the leaves.