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Writing Activity - Orders Please! What would you like?

Find a notebook, a pad or a just a piece of paper and a pen or pencil to write with.

Pretend to be a waiter/waitress.

Ask your child what they would like to eat/drink at a snack or mealtime and write it down.  Tell them you are taking their order.  Give your child their snack/meal and tell them you have made their order, enjoy your snack/meal!


Let your child have a go at asking for someones order for a drink/snack and let them write it down.  Help them to prepare the drink/snack and deliver it to their customer.  


Why not put on a pinny or an apron and dress up whilst pretending to be waiters/waitresses.  You could even make a menu together for snack times!


Number Activity - Let's Get Counting

I wonder if you can remember how many pieces of fruit the Very Hungry Caterpillar ate each day of the week.

Have a look below and see if you were right.

Count the pieces of fruit.



I wonder...

If he had eaten 1 more piece of each fruit each day, how many pieces would he have eaten each day.

How many pieces of fruit he ate altogether across the whole week.

You need to count all of the pieces of fruit to find out.

If he had left 1 piece of fruit each day, how many pieces of fruit would he have eaten.


See if you can find some fruit and vegetables and make a triangle with them like in the picture below. 

How many pieces of fruit/vegetables are there in each row?

How many pieces of fruit/vegetables altogether?


Have a go at making a tally chart together.

Ask your friends and family which fruit is their favourite and mark their choice by drawing a line next to the fruit that they like.

Count the lines (the tally marks) to find out how many people like each fruit.

Which fruit has the most/least tally marks?

Which fruit is the most popular/least popular?


Have a go at making fruit kebabs.

Count out how many pieces of fruit you have and then count how many pieces of fruit are on each stick.

I wonder if you have cut any of the fruit pieces in half or quarters.


Shape, Space and Measure Activity - Symmetry

Butterflies have symmetrical wings.  This means that they have exactly the same pattern on each wing.




Have a look at home for some buttons, pegs, shapes, pasta, sticks, leaves, flowers or anything you would like to use and see if you can make a symmetrical pattern.  







Creative Activity - Butterflies

Butterflies are very special because they have symmetrical wings.  This mean that both wings have exactly the same pattern on them.


They also have 2 antennae.  

I wonder if you can make your own butterfly.  How will you attach the antennae to your butterfly?




Painted Symmetrical Butterflies

Find some paint, fold a piece of paper and fold paper in half.  Using your finger or a paint brush put some spots of paint on one half of the paper and some paint in the fold of the paper.


Fold the paper in half and press down. 


Open the paper up and you have made a symmetrical pattern!  Talk about your symmetrical pattern.


Physical Activities

Fine Motor - Finger Rhyme


Gross Motor

Click on the picture below to have a go at using your body to make the parts of the life cycle of a butterfly.  

Don't forget to start in a tiny curled up shape like an egg and then hatch!



The World Around Us - How we Grow

Click on the pictures below to find out about caterpillars and butterflies and what they like to eat.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar grew from inside an egg to a caterpillar to a chrysalis to a butterfly.  

We grow from babies to toddlers to children to adults.

I wonder what you needed when you were a baby to grow.

I wonder what you needed when you stopped drinking just milk to grow bigger.  I wonder if you ate the same food you do now.

I wonder what you need to do now to make sure you keep growing bigger and getting stronger.    


Talk about foods that are good to eat to help you grow.  

Click on the picture above to sing a healthy song to help you grow with Dr Ranj.