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Writing Activity

Find some crayons and some white paper (you can use coloured paper if you can't find any white paper).


Have a go at drawing some lines, shapes, patterns or anything else you like on your paper using the crayons.  Try to press very hard with the crayons as you draw and write.



Next, put a little bit of paint in a pot and add water to make the paint very runny.  Use a paint brush to paint over your crayon drawing...and you will still be able to see the crayon!

This is called wax resist painting.

Have a go at making an under the sea picture together.





Don't forget to write your name on your picture!


Number Activity - Voting Station

Pick two stories and find some buttons, bricks, cubes, counters or pieces of pasta or beans.  You'll also need two small cups or plates or pots.

During the day, ask your child to pick their favourite story and put a counter/button/brick on the pot for that story.  Get other members of your household to do the same and why not ring some friends and family and ask them what their favorite choice would be out of the two stories.  







Later in the day or at bed time, see which pot has the most counters in. 

The story with the most counters will be the most popular choice and wins the vote to be read!


You could do this activity with other items such as toys to play with, chocolate or sweet treats and anything else you want to vote for.



Shape, Space and Measure Activity - Sun Prints

Find some coloured (sugar paper or construction paper works best, or try some newspaper or a magazine) paper. 

Have a look around your house for some objects that might have a circle face like a plate or a tin, a square face like a box etc or one of your favourite toys or a shoe, or another object you might like to try to use.


Put your objects on top of your coloured paper in the sunniest place you can find and leave the objects on top.


Go and play, have lunch or do anything else you want to whilst you wait for the paper to fade around the object.

Go back and check later in the day to see what has happened.  




Talk about the prints you have made. 

I wonder...

-what shapes you can see

-how points are on your 2D shapes

-if there are and curved sides on the shapes.

-what else you notice about the prints.


Physical Activity - Jump Jump Jump!

I wonder how high you can jump.

I wonder who can jump the highest out of the people living in your household.


Try to keep your feet together when you jump.

I wonder if you can jump onto and off of objects that are save to use.



Experiment with jumping...can you do a star jump or a tuck jump?


Can you jump and twist so you face the other way when you land or can you jump all the way around so you are back facing where you started.


How far can you jump?  You can jump the furthest in your household?  Play this in your garden or on the pavement outside your home.  Find a chalk or an object to use as a marker to show where you land when you jump.



Draw some 2D shapes and jump into the shapes naming the shapes as you do.


Write some numerals or numbers on the floor with chalk.  Jump onto different numerals and numbers and shout out what numeral or number you land on.






Creative Activity - to be updated


The World Around Us Activity

This week the weather is going to be very hot! 

We must be very careful when we are outside in the sun.  Talk about how to stay safe in the sun.  I wonder what you will need if you play outside?



Click on the picture of Peppa and George to watch what they do on a very hot day.