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Writing Activity- Rubbings of Different Objects

Find some crayons and some paper.

Put the paper on top of the object or surface.

Rub the crayon over the top of the object gently.  


Do this with as many different objects as you can find.

Why not take your paper and crayons to the park or on a walk and see what different surfaces you can find to do rubbings.






Number Activity - Counting Actions

Write the numbers 1-10 on small pieces of paper, card or post-it notes.

Put them in a bag, pot or box.

Take it in turns to take a number out of the box and read the number.  

Next do that number of actions.

Why not try:



star jumps




or any action you can think of. 


Shape, Space and Measure Activity- Hide and Seek!

Play hide and seek with the as many people as you can living in your household.

Think very carefully about where you will hide.


Use positional language to describe where you are hiding and where the person you found was hiding:

  • I was hiding under...
  • I was hiding behind...
  • I was hiding next to...


Physical Activity - Gross Motor


Physical Activity - Fine Motor - Let's Get Chopping!

The kitchen is a fun and exciting place to learn!

When you are preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, let your child help you to chop some of the food using a knife.

Talk about how to do this safely and ALWAYS supervise them.




I wonder if the foods are hard or easy to chop and why.

I wonder what shapes you make when you chop them up.

What will you do with the foods when you have chopped them?


Physical Activity - Gross Motor - Throw and Catch

Have a go at playing throw and catch. 


Remember to keep your eyes on the ball and use two hands to catch the ball.

Try catching a big ball and a small ball.

Try standing further away from your partner when you find throwing and catching easier.

Try to throw the ball under arm to your partner.

Have a go at setting up some aiming games where you throw the ball at a target.  Keep your score using a tally chart.




Creative Activity - Making Music with Water

Find some empty bottles/glasses/cups/containers.

Glass objects work best but you MUST supervise your child whilst doing the activity.

Fill each one with a different amount of water.

Find a spoon/fork/pen/pencil or anything you would like to use to gently tap the objects with.

Listen to the different sounds they make.

You have made your own instruments!

Sing a song as you play your musical instruments.

I wonder if the sound changes if you tap the glass on the inside.

Add some food colouring or paint to the water and see if the sounds change when you tap the glass.