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  • Writing Activity - Find a mirror, big or small.  Look at your reflection and talk about what you can see.  I wonder what colour your hair is, if you have freckles, if your hair is long or short.  Next, have a go at drawing your face or choose someone else to draw.  Write your name or their name under your picture.



  • Number Activity - Have a look in your kitchen cupboards and the fridge.  Can you find any numbers on tins or packets? I wonder what the numbers are?  See what numbers you can recognise. 



  • Shape Activity - How many objects can you find at home that have a circle face?  A circle is a 2D shape, it's round and doesn't have any points.



  • Creative Activity - Find an old empty box or bottle in your recycling.  Put some pasta, rice or lentils inside and seal the container.  Now you have made an instrument!  Use your instrument to make music as you sing songs.  



  • Physical Activity - Take giant or pigeon steps as you move around your house or on your daily walk.  Count the number of steps you make as you walk.  I wonder who  can make the biggest giant steps in your household?


  • 'The World Around Me' activity - Talk about the weather everyday.  Can you remember what the weather was like yesterday?  Have a look at the weather report on the TV or on a phone, lap top or tablet and talk about how the weather will be changing.