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Chatter Time

Chatter time!

Let's get talking and exploring new words!




Find an empty small box, pot or tin  




Find a selection of coins. If possible, try to find some of each kind of coin. 

Put the coins into the box, pot or tin.

Sing together 'What's inside the box/pot/tin, what's inside the box/pot/tin, let's find out, let's find out, what's inside the box/pot/tin'. 

Give the box/pot/tin a shake and see if your child can guess what might be inside.


Open the lid and talk about what you find inside.

Talk about:

  • the colours of the coins
  • the different sizes
  • the different shapes - are they all circles?
  • what can you see on each side of the coin
  • what numbers can you see
  • who is the lady on the head side of the coin
  • what might we do with the coins
  • and anything else that you can think of.