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Let's get talking and exploring new words!


Find an empty bag (any type of bag will do the job).




Have a look in the kitchen for some utensils.  These are things like a wooden spoon, a whisk, a masher...objects you use when you are cooking.

Put them inside your bag.


Sing together 'What's inside the bag, what's inside the bag, let's find out, let's find out'.


Have a go with other family members that live in your household.


Open the bag and talk about what you find inside.

Talk about the utensils:




-length of the handles

- what you would use them for

-are there any holes...why?

-what they are made of

-and anything else your child starts to talk about.  


When it is bath time, take a whisk or a potato masher in the bath and see if you can make some bubbles!

If you don't have a bath have a go at doing this in a bowl instead!