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Le français



This year, for the first time, the children from Chastworth Primary School will have the opportunity to learn french with Miss Stella (myself) who is a native french teacher.



I come from Perpignan which is located in the South of France and I am really keen on working with the children from Chatsworth!


I am teaching french to all the classes in the school.


In Keystage 1, we are learning french songs (reception class) and we worked on how to introduce ourselves in french(year1&2).


The French songs we have already learnt are: Frere Jacques, un petit pouce qui danse, tete epaule genou.


In Keystage 2, the children learnt how to introduce themselves with more precisions about their identity than we are doing with year 2.

We also went through the vocabulary of fruits, vegetables and french food. Now, we are approaching the french phonetics.


I try to teach french in an entertaining and sensible way through games and writen exercices, so as the children will see french as a pleasant language wich is worth to be learnt!


A bientot!!

Miss Stella

French symbols

French symbols 1 La Marianne
French symbols 2 Le coq
French symbols 3 Le drapeau bleu, blanc, rouge
French symbols 4 Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité
French symbols 5 L'Hymne nationale
French symbols 6 La prise de la Bastille

La Tour Eiffel et l'Arc de Triomphe ( Paris )

La Tour Eiffel et l'Arc de Triomphe ( Paris ) 1
La Tour Eiffel et l'Arc de Triomphe ( Paris ) 2

Mardi 19 novemdre 2013





Bonjour tout le monde!


Every thursday with some pupils from year 4 we are running a french club. During this session, the children will get the opportunity to correspond with children from a french school ( ecole Albert Calmette from Quillan).


This is a real opportunity for the pupils to practise their french and make new friends from another country, this is really exciting!


In the exchange the children will write emails by describing themselves, their living and their cultural customs.


Mademoiselle Stella

Mardi 11 décembre 2013




We have started our correspondance with Calmette's school, here are some pictures from the area where is located the school.




Quillan 1
Quillan 2
Quillan 3
In France, for Christmas dinner we use to eat a piece of our famous christmas log as a dessert. It is a delicious cream butter cake wich has the shape of a log. This log is called la bûche de Noël.

La bûche de Noël

                       La bûche de Noël 1



In France, the 2nd of February, we celebrate "la Chandeleur", it is a Christian Celebration to refers to the day when Jesus was presented to the Temple, it symbolizes the purification.


The name Chandeleur comes from the latin words festum candelerum which meaning is the candles' celebration.(candle=chandelle)

Candles used to be light on along the day to refers Jesus to the Temple.


It is said that people came to Roma with their candle light on  and they were given some "crepes" by the Pope to thank them. In France, people use to cook and eat some crepes during this day to celebrate "la Chandeleur".