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Story of the week

This week's story is...



Click on the picture to listen to the story.

Talk about what you see in the pictures.

Which pirate is your favourite?

Why is he/she your favourite?

Can you count how many pirates there are on each page?

How many pirates are left when one pirate leaves?

What is one less than the number on the page?



Below are some games and activities you can do together based on the story.


Can you pretend to be a pirate? 



A pirate needs a hat, an eye patch and a treasure chest.


You could make a hat and an eye patch with some help from your grown up.


Now you are a pirate can you dance like one?

Click on the picture below and join in the pirate dance.




Can you make a pirate flag?



All pirate ships have this flag. It's called the Jolly Roger.