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Story of the Week

This week's story is...


Click on the picture to listen to the story.

I wonder which character is your favourite and why.

I wonder what you like to have for your tea.

I wonder which animal you would invite for tea and why.

I wonder if you have ever been to a cafe.  What was it like?


Sing and Dance

Click on the picture to listen to the 'Hey Tiger!' song.

Sing and dance along to the song.


Tea Party

Have your own tea party with your favourite toys.


Get Busy in the Kitchen

Make sandwiches together.  Let your child spread their butter on their bread and cut their sandwich in half or quarters.  

I wonder what you will put in your sandwich.

Talk about how to use a knife safely, and the size and shape of the sandwiches. 



Make cakes together.  Talk about what happens to the ingredients as you mix them together and after they been in the oven.  Remember to explain how to stay safe in the kitchen.



Let's get Crafty

Have a go at making finger puppets or masks and then retell the story or pretend to be a tiger!



Tiger Drawing for Everyone

Get everyone in your household to have a go at drawing a tiger.  Talk about what they look like, what colours you need and what pattern a tiger has on its fur.