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Story of the week

This week's story is...



Click on the picture to listen to the story.


I wonder which colour is your favourite and why.

Which patterned elephant did you like the best and why?

Have you ever played a joke on someone in your family? What did you do?

We all look different. How do you look different to your brothers or sisters or your friends?


Sing and Dance



Click on the picture to listen to the 'Be a Rainbow' song from the Elmer show. 

Sing and dance along to the song.


Be a Rainbow



Can you be a rainbow like Elmer? 

How many different colours can you wear? Ask everyone in your family to join in. Who can wear the most different colours?



Milk bottle Elmer elephant




Can you make Elmer from an old milk bottle?

Click on the picture to find out how. You will need some help from your grown up.



Colour Mixing




I wonder what new colours you can make by mixing coloured paint together.

Just use red, blue and yellow and see how many new colours you can make.

Now you can paint a rainbow elephant.



Elephants in the Wild


Have you ever seen a real elephant? Maybe at a zoo or safari park.

Click on the picture above to see real elephants in the wild.