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Story of the Week

This week's story is...


Click on the picture to listen to the story.


I wonder which character is your favourite and why.

Can you remember what happened at the beginning, the middle and the end of the story?

I wonder if you have ever been to a farm...what did you see/hear/touch or smell at the farm?

If you haven't been to a farm I wonder what animals you would like to see if you did go.  


Sing Along


Click on the picture to listen to a song about 'What the Ladybird Heard'.


Talk about what you see and sing along. 




Have a go at making some puppets and the try to retell the story together. 


Farm Animals

Click on the picture below to watch a video all about farm animals and find out what happens on a farm.

Talk about what you see happening in the video.


Robbers Map!

Have a go at making a 'Robbers Map' to find different ways to travel around the farm to get to the 'Prize Cow'.  

Talk about what you might go around, over, under or past on the way.






Ladybird Biscuits

Using round biscuits like rich tea or digestives and some icing, make your own ladybirds.  

Use anything you like to make the ladybird spots.  

I wonder how many spots are on your ladybird.  Try to make sure the ladybirds have the same number of spots on each side.