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Story of the Week

This week's story is...


Click on the picture to listen to the story.


Can you remember what happened at the beginning, the middle and the end of the story?

I wonder which animal is your favourite and why.

I wonder if you can move like the animals in the story.

I wonder if you have ever seen any of the animals at a zoo or a farm or somewhere else.  Talk about when you saw them, where were the animals? In a pen?  In a barn?  In a field? In trees?


Sing Along



Click on the picture to watch and join in the dance to 'Doing the Animal Bop'.  


Talk about what you see, and sing and dance along. 


Puppets and Masks





Have a go at making some puppets or masks and retell the story together.


You could even have a go at dressing up as some of the animals in the story and moving like them and making the animal noises.


Pattern Hunt

Some of the animals from the story have patterns on their skins. 

Can you guess which animal each of the patterned skins belong to?



Go on a pattern hunt around your house...look in the wardrobe, the kitchen, in drawers and on coats, umbrellas and hats...can you find any of the patterns below?   





Let's find out about....

Click on the photos below to find out about some of the animals in the story. 

Talk about what you see in the video clips.






Other Rhyming Stories and Songs to Share

Click on the picture to listen to the stories.  Talk about the stories together.




Games to Play Online Together

Click on the images to go straight to the games.