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Please click on the picture below to listen to the story together.



After listening to the story together please talk to your child about the story.

This could include:

  • Can you remember what happened to all of the pirates?
  • Can you count down on your fingers each time we loose a pirate?
  • How many pirates are left?
  • Can you count them?
  • What does a pirate say?
  • Can you say Arrr! like a pirate?


Click on the picture below to listen to a rhymming pirate story, which is sung to the tune of 'Row, row, row your boat.'



Can you find the words which rhyme in this story?


Thursday 4th March is world book day.

Click on the picture below for lots of ideas, activities and stories to share together.


Click on the picture below to hear Mrs Kortright read 'Where's my Teddy?'