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Supporting your Child at Home

Useful links for Parents

Little Star Writers

there is availability in the next Little Star Writers group at Chatsworth.

Follow the link to book your place.

Remember the group is open to children in years 4, 5 and 6

Helping Your Child At Home.

Chatsworth is now on Twitter! Follow us @chatsworthpri

Remember to use social media safely and responsibly. 

We have started to use mathletics in school with our KS2 pupils. They have all been given a username and password. Visit the website below to see what its all about!

Mathletics: A guide for Parents

We often have parents ask how they can support their child at home. The document below sets out examples of questions that may be useful when encouraging your child to talk about their learning or extending their thinking. We hope you find it helpful.

Supporting your child through questioning

We have always highlighted the importance of reading with your child. This new research from the Institute of Education supports that view. Please take time to read it and see how you can support your child even more by continuing to read with them daily throughout their time at Chatsworth.

“Again, again!” Why repetition in reading helps children learn more. Click on this link to read the full article.

Oxford Owl- A free parent support website that includes free Reading and Maths support activities.

Support your child's learning from the BBC.

NSPCC- Guide for parents

Parents resources- Articles written by practising teachers designed to help with the education of your child. 

Change 4 Life- lots of ideas for families regarding healthy eating and physical activity for leading healthier lifestyles.

BBC Adult learning- Lots of information about getting into learning.



These pages show which spelling patterns (graphemes) and sounds (phonemes) the children need to learn in each phase. They also show which tricky words they need to learn to read and write.

Also visit the phonics area of the Oxford Owl website. We have added the link below.

Click on 'Say the sounds' to hear how each sound is said. You can practise these with your child.

Keeping safe on the Internet

Your child's safety is extremely important to us at Chatsworth. We monitor how your child uses the internet whilst in school and every year, as part of our ICT curriculum, we teach them strategies for keeping safe.

We have included some links below which can be used at home to reinforce this and to provide you and your children with even more information.

E-Safety Poster- Key information for Parents

Junior Librarian

As you know, our wonderful library bus offers the children the opportunity to borrow books and enjoy reading in an exciting and different environment. We love our library bus so much that it even has pride of place on our homepage!

Children can borrow books using the Junior Librarian system we run in school. They also have a website that you can visit to browse the books available before visiting the bus. The website also has other interesting activities so please visit the link below to see what it is all about.


Road Safety

We all know how important it is to stay safe when out and about. In school our Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO's) do a fantastic job of reminding us of the importance of this.

We have included a few links below to help you to inform your children about road safety.

Link to the Hounslow education and learning page