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week beginning 13th April

Activity 1

Play a turn taking game


















Play a game which involves taking turns. This could be a board game, pairs or even rolling a ball to each other. 

Talk about who's turn it is now and who's turn it will be next. 



Activity 2

make a pattern - you will need a selection of objects, or paper, pens/pencils/paints



















Can you make a repeating pattern?

You could use your toys or any objects you can find. If you'd rather you could draw or print shapes. 

Think about what comes next in your pattern.

It might be circle, square, circle, square.

It might be yellow brick, red brick, yellow brick, red brick.

Describe your pattern to your family. 


Activity 3

Phonics - You will need access to a computer or tablet with the internet


Phonics Play is currently free to use. For nursery children Phase 1 is all they should be using with support from an adult. Some children may be able to access phase 2, but please do not push your child before they are ready. 


The free login details are

Username: march20

Password: home





Activity 4

Star jumps










See how many star jumps you can do in 30 seconds.

Count your jumps or ask an adult to help.

Talk about how long 30 seconds is. Does it feel like a long time?

Can you do more jumps next time?


Activity 5

Spring Hunt

Either in your garden or while out for your daily exercise try to find the signs of Spring from the attached sheet. How many can you find?



Spring Hunt