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Week beginning 20th April

Activity 1 - Teddy Bear Hunt

Put a teddy bear in a window at the front of your home. Ask your friends and family to do the same. 


When you go on your daily walk or bike ride, look out for the teddy bears and count how many you can see.  

Activity 2 - Doctors and Nurses

Talk together about the very important jobs that doctors and nurses do.  Talk about your child's experiences of going to the doctors or hospital.  


Have a go at pretending to be a doctor or a nurse and use family members or teddies/dolls/spiderman toys etc as patients. 

Click on the picture of Dr Ranj from Cbeebies below to learn about hospitals, doctors and how they help us. 


Activity 3 - Rainbows

Make a rainbow together at home. I wonder what materials you could use?


Display your rainbow in your windows to make people smile as they walk past.  

Activity 4 - Story Den

Use chairs, tables, blankets and cushions to make somewhere comfy and cosy to read and talk about stories together.  You can do this inside or outside if you have a garden.  


Activity 5 - Shadows

This week will be sunny.  When you go on your daily exercise walk/bike ride/scoot, have a look on the floor at your shadow. 


I wonder what happens to your shadow if you wave your arms?  

I wonder what happens to your shadow when you go inside or its a cloudy day?

I wonder who has the biggest shadow?