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week beginning 6th April

Activity 1

Drawing and Designing Eggs

You will need: Paper, pens or pencils.

  • Draw a large egg shape on your paper.
  • Decorate the egg with wavy and zig-zag lines, circles, hearts, stars as well as anything else you can think of. 
  • Colour in the different parts of your egg.
  • Carefully cur out your egg shape. 


Activity 2

Scavenger Hunt  


You will need: a bucket/tub/bag.

Either in your garden or while out for your daily exercise try to find as many of the following things as possible and use them to create a picture or model. 

  • something wet
  • something noisy
  • something old
  • something heavy
  • something shiny
  • something dry
  • something quiet
  • something new
  • something light
  • something dark
  • something you would like to keep
  • something that can blow in the wind
  • something you have never seen before
  • something that smells nice
  • something beautiful
  • five different shades of green


Activity 3

Ladybird maths game

You will need access to a computer or tablet with the Internet.

Pleas click on the link below to play a counting game. Please work up to 5 first and then try to 10 if your child can do it.


Activity 4

Egg and Spoon Race

Using hard boiled eggs or small balls, hold egg and spoon races with your family. You could even try a small ball on a tennis racket. These can happen in your garden or in a clear area of your home. 








Activity 5

Let's Celebrate Easter

In the nursery we would have watched the CBeebies programme 'Let's Celebrate' all about  Easter. Your child can watch a family prepare for this festival and celebrate it with their family and friends. Please click on the link below.