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Welcome to our Art and Design page.



Art Club


Try this at home! Art Club experimented drawing with oil pastels and oil on plaster.

What other surfaces could you experiment drawing on? Remember to check with an adult before you start.

Spring 2018: Digital Media

Thank you everyone for attending our recent exhibition of work. The children worked so hard on their digital artwork and animations and were excited to show everyone what they had achieved. Here is a selection of work.

Autumn 2017: Painting

This term the focus for Art Week across the school was painting.


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3
Year 4
Year 5 and 6

Summer 2017: Print


Year 2 looked at the work of Henri Matisse. They spent time observing and drawing fish and then worked to create a print using a technique similar to linocut.

Spring 2017: Textiles



Inspired by Morpurgo's 'Kensuke's Kingdom' Year 6 created large scale stitched quilts.

Autumn 2016: Sculpture



'Where the Wild Things Are' inspired the imaginative 3D 'wild thing' sculptures in Year 2.