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Year 2

with Miss Singh, Mr Goddard and Miss Young.

Dear Children and Parents,

We hope you are all safe at home! Welcome to our daily learning tasks. We will upload a few tasks for each day to help you keep your learning ticking over. Some of these will include links to other websites/videos and some will be to complete in your exercise book or on paper. Just have a go and try your best! Of course, we will not be there to mark them so where appropriate we may be able to upload the answers to help you mark the work.


Children learn and focus best in the morning so if you want to do some in the morning and then have a more relaxed afternoon that is fine. Keep your sessions to short blasts with regular brain breaks.


There are also some links to other activities and ideas immediately below. These may be added to if we are inspired by ideas to share with you.

Happy home schooling!

Please read our home learning letters each week which will inform you what your child is learning about in school. We will give suggestions and ideas for how you can support your child's learning at home.


Your child now has a 'Learning Log' to record their home learning ideas and activities in. Please ensure this stays in book bags as we will be collecting them in every Thursday.



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Websites to support your child's learning at home.