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Curriculum Statement – Mathematics – Chatsworth Primary School


At Chatsworth Primary School, our aim is that ALL pupils will have a positive attitude towards their mathematical learning.  We endeavour to do this by creating a curriculum that both supports and challenges all children through the use of engaging lessons which allow pupils to see the importance and relevance of math in the wider world.  We know that through mathematics we can equip children with a toolbox of essential skills which will allow them to navigate their way through the world successfully and confidently.  We want to nurture a growth mind-set in our mathematicians, by removing barriers to learning, makings maths fun and allowing children to see the power of their knowledge.


In ensuring high standards of teaching and learning in mathematics, we want our coverage of the curriculum to challenge and stimulate the children’s natural curiosity of mathematics and how it presents itself in a variety of different environments.  Our curriculum coverage also seeks to close the gap in any areas where children have not yet met the expected level.  We have implemented the use of Big Maths at the start of every maths lesson from Y1 – Y6.  Big Maths carefully steps the curriculum in bite-sized chunks, reinforces prior learning, encourages mathematical fluency and helps teachers to quickly and clearly identify any gaps in learning before the main lesson begins. 

At Chatsworth Primary School, Mathematics is mainly taught using the ‘carousel’ method.  This allows each class to be divided into 3 separate ability groups, with each ability group receiving targeted teaching based on their specific needs relating to the learning intention.   In Years 1 to 6, Mathematic lessons are planned for and delivered daily.  Groups are organised by ability, but the impact of mixed ability learning is recognised and used where appropriate.  We also firmly believe that groups within the carousel should be fluid and that children can move between groups based on their strengths and weaknesses.  Whenever possible, we encourage the children to be part of this process, thinking about which they think will benefit them the most.


At Nursery and Reception level, the Early Learning goals are followed to ensure continuity and progression from the Foundation Stage through to National Curriculum. In Reception, daily maths opportunities occur but not always as a discrete lesson.


‘Mathletics’ and ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ aim to reinforce learning at home using engaging online platforms.  Regular times table competitions give the children the chance to test and reinforce their multiplication and division recall skills in a fun, competitive environment.  Each year we hold a whole-school STEM week which gives the children a chance to fully immerse themselves in a range of exciting activities that explicitly show how maths, science and technology are all connected.


At Chatsworth, we believe our maths lessons should show:

•    Effective questioning of children’s understanding

•    That children are able to demonstrate their understanding of a concept through the use of mathematical reasoning and the precise use of mathematical vocabulary.

•    Explicit skills being taught through modelling and exercises

•    A high quality classroom environment with working walls that are interactive, display the maths vocabulary and, where appropriate, examples of methods being used.

•    Good practice has been shared

•    The use of high quality tasks

•    That the maths is relatable, current, inspiring and applicable to everyday situations

•    Children understand the reasons for estimating and reviewing

•    Children understand that written formats help to find accurate answers

•    Staff are constantly reviewing and monitoring their pupil’s progress


Regular and ongoing assessment informs teaching, as well as intervention, to support and enable the success of each child.  To encourage children to take ownership of their learning journey, each child in Y2 - Y6 has a target sheet to reflect on their own successes as well as any areas for improvement in each topic covered.


By delivering high quality, tailored-made lessons covering all aspects of the curriculum we strive for all pupils to:

  • Be competent and confident in their mathematical knowledge, concepts and skills
  • Have the opportunity to solve problems, to reason, to think logically and to work systematically and accurately.
  • Be able to work both independently and in cooperation with others
  • Have opportunities to communicate mathematics in a variety of mediums
  • Use and apply mathematics across the curriculum and in real life situations
  • Develop a life-long love for mathematics