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Throughout Reception Phase 1 activities from Nursery will be revised.


In the Spring Term Phase 2 will be taught in full.


This is single letter sounds as well as an introduction to digraphs. By the end of Phase 2 children should be able to read and write some VC and CVC words. As well as some high frequency tricky words.

After Phase 2 children will move onto Phase 3


Phase 3 introduces children to the remaining, more difficult and/or less commonly used phonemes. These can be single letters, digraphs or trigraphs. These sounds are needed to be able to read and form useful words.


Alongside this children are taught to recognise more tricky words. They learn the names of letters, as well as the sounds they make. 


By the end of Phase 3 children should be able to say the sound made by most, or all, Phase 2 and 3 graphemes, blend and read CVC words made from these graphemes, read and write new tricky words and know the letter names.

The Summer term will cover Phase 4 and then revision of Phases 2 - 4.


By now children should be confident with each taught phoneme. As well as consolidating prior learning children at this point in Reception will be learning to blend and segment more difficult words. These can included blends/clusters that are harder to hear.


They will also have further tricky words to learn to read and write. This is the stage where we may see more confident sentence writing, along with more fluent reading of decodable books.

Activities to use with your child

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term