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“Sooper Books - Free School library

Sooper Books has kindly donated all of their award-winning stories and audiobooks to our school. Please use the following links to access the stories and audiobooks free of charge from school or from home:

Bedtime stories — a selection of the world’s best 5-10 minute bedtime stories and audiobooks

Fairy tales — a selection of classic fairy tales retold in a modern and fun way

Sooper Series — a selection of original stories in episode format. Each episode is a separate 10-15 minute story

Rhymes & Poems — a selection of 3-5 minute funny rhymes

Aesop’s fables — a selection of 3-5 minute moral tales, retold in a fun and modern way”

How can it be free? (There must be a catch)

There’s no catch.

We are a Venture Capital funded startup backed by 30 of the UK’s top tech investors. 

We do have a range of paid services that we offer to corporates, schools and families, but those are optional and not connected to this donation.

What is Sooper Books?


Sooper Books is a new digital story and audiobook platform helping kids to love reading again. Accessible anywhere, anytime on any device. And backed by a team of double Emmy® winning and Disney® creators.

Do schools already use it?

Yes. We offered the same donation to help during lockdown and over 350 UK primary schools took part. In total our stories have been enjoyed over 12 million times since we launched in 2020.

Founders @ Sooper Books

Sooper Books LTD, Company number: 12974967

Suite 345 50 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 8EA