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At Chatsworth, we aim to inspire our pupils’ curiosity about the past by bringing it to life in exciting ways. We strive to develop the children’s skills of enquiry and questioning, enabling them to ask perceptive questions, think critically, evaluate historical sources and develop perspective and judgement. History at Chatsworth helps pupils to understand the process of change and the diversity of the societies and time periods that they study.

In Key Stage 1, the children are taught History through our cross-curricular topics. This creative approach stimulates and motivates the children and helps to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding across the curriculum.

In Key Stage 2, the children are taught about a wide range of historical periods. They learn about people and events in the past, in Britain and the wider world, and develop an understanding of how these have influenced our lives today. History is taught in a cross-curricular way where possible, making links to other areas in the curriculum. This allows the children to practise and enhance skills they have learnt in Literacy, Geography, RE, PSHCE and other subject areas. Our Key Stage 2 children learn about a different historical period each half term. They are taught in chronological order and are repeated each year but with a different focus. This allows the children to gain a deeper understanding of chronology. It also means they can build on and embed their knowledge and skills throughout their time in Key Stage 2 and can make links to previous learning.