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School Journey

School Journey November 2017

Our school journey in October/November 2017 will see us travelling to...ROME!  Yes, we are off to Italy. We have been studying the Romans, looking at key points and places in Roman history and now we will be able to visit them to get a first hand experience of places like the Colosseum. I'm sure we'll have time for a gelato or two as well. We can't wait!


Dates of travel:

Y6 - Sun 29th October 2017 - Wed 1st November 2017

Y5 - Wed 1st November 2017 - Sat 4th November 2017 


We have now finalised our itineraries for the two trips  and will be holding a meeting for parents and carers on Tuesday 19th September on 3.45pm in the Southern Hall.  If you are unable to attend, please let me know and we will ensure the relevant details are forwarded to you.



School Journey November 2016 Isle of Wight


Some of the highlights of our trip.


Please click on the link below for our Chatsworth Primary School Twitter feed which has all the latest news, photos and videos from the School Journey.



Photos from previous School Journeys

Photos from previous School Journeys 1
Photos from previous School Journeys 2
Photos from previous School Journeys 3
Photos from previous School Journeys 4
Photos from previous School Journeys 5

Fun times.

Fun times.  1
Fun times.  2
Fun times.  3
Fun times.  4
Fun times.  5
Fun times.  6

Photos from the week away.

Photos from the week away.  1
Photos from the week away.  2
Photos from the week away.  3
Photos from the week away.  4

A huge thank you to the staff who came on school journey. You were fantastic! Enjoy a well deserved rest! 

An even bigger thank you to the children. You did Chatsworth proud! You proved yourselves to be team workers who supported, encouraged and helped your fellow pupils.  Your curtesy on the ferry home towards the elderly gentleman was commented on by other passengers. One said "I can't believe how polite your children are, even when told to move on they waited patiently and were so polite you should be very proud of them."

Thank you school journey 2014 for making us proud of you! 

NEWS UPDATE The coach is due to arrive back in school at approximately 5.30pm.  Mrs Williams will keep twitter updated with arrival time.

Birthday number 2. Happy birthday Aaron!

Birthday number 2. Happy birthday Aaron!   1
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2

What an amazing day. Lots of sunshine and laughter...and a birthday.  

Plenty of children got soaked but it wasn't the weather. (look for the photos which will follow, wifi permitting.)

There were plenty of budding Robin Hoods with the archery. I have been truly amazed by the way the children have put all their energy into the activities and really tried their hardest!

Happy birthday to Aiden, I hope it's a birthday to remember!


'rs Hunter trying to hide behind a tree! Not too sure she understood the game!

Some skilful juggling going on with scarves 

Picture 1
Picture 2

We had to wake everyone up this morning. The children all had very sleepy eyes. We have had breakfast and they are all eating huge meals! The weather is less windy but very chilly this morning. We are just about to head off on our morning activities. 

Mrs Hunter's suitcase is a lot lighter now she has eaten the majority of her sweets!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

The rain stopped and the sun came out. A brilliant day so far. Lots of mud and water and scary heights. Mr Wright came to visit today (maybe it was Mr Wright who brought the sun with him? )


Good morning. The wifi here is not very good. I have been updating Twitter which seems to work better. Everyone had a good nights sleep and Mrs Cooper and I had to wake everyone up including Mr Troy! Off to breakfast soon. I will try an put an update on here later, if not try Twitter.

School Journey 2014

Isle of Wight


We are really looking forward to Monday morning's early start! Remember you need to be at school, with your suitcase at 7am. The coach leaves at 7:30 am so make sure you get to bed early so you are not late!  We wouldn't want to leave without you but we do have a ferry to catch!


Watch this space for updates!


School Journey- France 2013


Check back here over the coming days for updates and photos from France.

Well we have arrived at the chateau and at last the children are all settled into their rooms and the gentle sound of zzzzzzzz can be heard drifting down the hallways.


We had a good journey over and the sun shone.We have had some rain and a bit of a thunderstorm this evening. All we need now is snow and we will have had everything.


If you have been following Twitter, Mrs Hunter has been posting tweets for you.


An early start in the morning as the children are off to Etaples market to purchase food for lunch.



Good morning.

The children have had breakfast and are now having a language lesson prior to going to the market to purchase some food.


The wi fi here is not brilliant and I am sitting on the stairs writing this as it appears to be the best place to pick a signal up.


I will update this as and when I can but the updates may not be as frequent as we would like them to be. Mrs Hunter is able to access Twitter via her phone and will be tweeting when possible.




Tuesday pm


What a selection of food for lunch. The children prepared an amazing spread from thier purchases and there are a few budding Jamie Olivers and Nigellas amongst them.


This afternoon we went for a walk through the sand dunes and had an amazing time on the beach. The children became detectives and the questions they were asking impressed us all.


Following a hearty meal we set off to find more food!  We soon located ( and consumed) the crepes and hot chocolate. . I sometimes wonder just where the children put alll this food!


The children have been using French all day and they are getting very good at it ; especially where food is concerned!




Today we went to the sea life centre. What an amazing place! The children 'stroked' rays and saw the sea lions being fed. They had a close encounter with some very large sharks and saw a lively squid scooting around a tank. Mrs Hunter came face to face with a lobster but thankfully it survived!


Our walk around the old walled town very nearly became a swim and Mrs Cooper now has webbed feet.


I wonder what tomorrow holds? Hmmmm Oh yes , the chocolate factory!!



We all made it back safely. Thank you to all the children who made it so memorable and to the staff for all their hard work. I'm sure there are many worn out, sleepy little people (and bigger ones) in and around Hounslow tonight.Have a great weekend and we will see you all on Monday

Mrs W 


I will add some more photos over the weekend.

11.55 Everyone safely on the Ferry from France