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Thursday 16th May 2013


Thank you for the book recommendations I have received this week! Klea in 5SJ is another 'Scream Street' fan.

Her recommendation sounds truly gruesome - it's called 'Fang of the Vampire!

Have a look if you are feeling brave...!


If you have any book recommendations, don't forget to bring them to Mrs Messa (or Miss Brown!)

You could also bring them to me in a computerised format to upload.

Any PowerPoint whizzes out there?

Wednesday 1st May 2013


The library is being used every day, and it even tells us what the most popular books are.


Follow this link to the school Junior Librarian page.


Click on the golden circle to find out what everyone is reading!



Week Beginning 25th March 2013


The end of term is nearly here! Keep up with all the fantastic reading during the Easter holiday, and please remember to update me with your book reviews!


I have had a couple in from some very enthusiastic Year 6 pupils!


Holly in 6DH is desperate for everyone to read 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. She says, 'It's funny, and it makes you want to keep reading!'


Year 6 did some excellent writing based on 'Holes' during our whole school 'Bookworms' topic, and are all now Louis Sachar fans!


Zainab H also wants to recommend 'Black Heart of Jamaica' by Julia Golding. Zainab told me, 'It's an adventure and it's so funny!'


If you, your brothers, sisters, parents, carers or friends have any good book recommendations for us, please make sure you let Miss Brown know!


Have a good holiday - keep up all the brilliant reading!


Welcome to this week's book recommendations!



Maiya in Year 4 has recommended 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.

'This book is a funny book which is suitable for younger children! It is about a family who are going on a bear hunt. But the bear hunt isn't what they expected as the bear chased them! This book also has some rhymes, and it is a very, very lovely book. I hope you enjoy it!'

You can find out more about other books by Michael Rosen on his website. Remember, be safe on the internet, and tell an adult if there's something you are worried about!


Tyler in Year 5 would like to share The Baker Stree Boys: The Case of the Captive Clairvoyant by Anthony Read.

'This is a great book which features Sherlock Holmes and his Irregulars; this time they solve a case!

If anyone wants to experience the deep criminal world of Queen Victoria's world, this is the book.'







For book recommendations from previous weeks, see below!

Arohi in Year 5 made the following recommendation:

The Diamond of Drury Lane by Julia Golding.

'From Year 4 and up, anyone will enjoy this book. Full of action, adventure, drama and excitement, there is nothing this book lacks. You're sure to be impatient to read more!'




You can find out more about this book, and others by the same author if you go to her website below.

Josh in Year 4 is reading Invisible Stanley by Jeff M. Brown.

'It's funny because Stanley was flat last time, and now he's invisible!'




Sayon in Year 4 recommends Heart of the Mummy (for slightly older readers) , by Tommy Donbavand.


'Basically, in the story, Luke tries to find the heart of the mummy, Heru. But first he has to battle Sir Otto Sneer. Luke has hurdles to overcome; some by himself, and some with his friends. But Otto will stop at nothing to try and prevent him from succeeding!'




We might need to start an entire section dedicated to the Diary of A Wimpy Kid! I have never seen so many recommendations for the same series!



Kevan and Karina in Year 6 both came to tell me about Jeff Kinney's series today...

Kevan said:

" 'Dog Days' is funny, and shows more about what happened when Greg went on holiday with his family. It's very entertaining!"


Karina said:


" 'The Third Wheel' talks about real-life situations, so you know how you might (or might not!) act if you were in the same situation."


To find out more about Jeff Kinney's well-loved series, you can visit his website below.

Remember, always be safe and careful when you are on the internet, and speak to an adult if you aren't sure about something!