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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

with Miss Abdi, Mr Pearce and Miss Retallick

Dear Children and Parents,

We hope you are all safe at home!


Welcome to the Year 6 home learning task page. We will upload a few tasks each day to help you keep your learning ticking over. Some of these will include links to other websites/videos and some will be to complete in your exercise book or on paper. Of course, we will not be there to mark them so where appropriate we may be able to upload the answers to help you mark the work.


There are lots of fun websites, activities, videos etc being set up by teachers all over the country. We will gradually add them to your daily plan. 


**Mr Pearce and Miss Retallick's maths groups will have 1 or 2 NEW activities loaded EACH day by 9am for you to complete.**

Miss Abdi's group have also got maths work set for the week.


Rock Stars. If you thought it was too 'easy' ( only having tables to 12 ) you may very soon find yourself being challenged on the 13, 14, 15 times tables! We are also trying to set up another Rock Stars Tournament - watch this space......

Mr Marshall's class is very eager to 'take on' the Year 6s!


Bug Club - we are opening up the WHOLE Bug Club Library of books for your current level. Don't panic if you suddenly have LOTS of books available to you. Pick and choose which ones you want to read. Try to also 'do the bugs'.


There are lots of celebrities 'hosting' lessons online - David Walliams has audio books online; Steve Backshaw is hosting a lesson today; Fitness with Joe is online; Carol Vordaman has a maths site; you can take virtual tours of lots of museums and zoos etc.  Google and see what you can find.


Also - remember to take plenty of breaks. If you are lucky to be able to go outside - STAY SAFE and enjoy the fine weather.


Happy home schooling.



Extended readers book list

Writing Features and Skeletons