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Key Stage 1

At this age, children are learning to:

  • explain why they think something is correct.
  • count up to 100 and put numbers up to 100 in the correct order.
  • add and subtract.
  • recognise odd and even numbers.
  • name 2D and 3D shapes.
  • measure the lengths and weights of objects.
  • put events in the correct order, for example, giving instructions for a familiar journey.
  • collect information (data) to find out the answer to questions, for example, how do people travel to school?


Multiplication Games


Multiplication is an essential skill which children need to master. By the time children reach year 6 all children need to know their times tables up to 12x12 and all their square numbers. Times tables underpins all maths and lack of timetables can often restrict children from learning different areas of maths such as; division, algebra, long multiplication and even fractions. One way of learning times tables and making it more fun is by using a racetrack. Children attempt to go around the racetrack as quickly as possible whilst mutiplying each number by whatever timetable they are learning at that time. Children not only need to learn their tables off by heart but also in any order (Not just 2x3=6, 3x3=9 4x3=12 etc). Within Key stage 1 children should know their 2,10,5 and 4 times tables. Try printing off one of the racetracks and having a go at home!