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Welcome to EAL group!

Friday 20th March


We have been learning about Antonyms (words with the opposite meaning).

 good - bad

 happy - sad


Can you match those words?


loud              bottom

awake           cold

dirty             first

dry               down

same             big 

day               quiet

open             clean

little            asleep

outside        night

hot              wet

full               shut

top              different

last              inside

up               empty


Now you write some sentences with those antonyms.


My mum likes hot coffee but I like cold milk.

Monday 23rd March

What is happening in the picture?

Tuesday 24th March


Look and write sentences about the picture. Try and use prepositions: in, on, under, behind etc.

In the garden


Match the verbs with the correct picture. 

Wednesday 25th March


Positional language - on, under, next to, behind, in front of, between and in.

Look at the pictures and write sentences using positional language.


Look at the picture and answer the questions.

My room

1. Where is the clock?

2. Where is the black cat?

3. Where is the red ball?

4. Where is the book?

5. Where is the rug?

6. Where are the cushions?

7. Where is the chair?

8. Where is the table?

9. Where is the book?

10. Where is the vase with flowers?

Thursday 26th March

Adjectives - describing words


Look at the picture of the witch and write as many adjectives (describing words) as you can think of. Please find at least 10 adjectives. 


My adjectives are:

- scary

- unkind

Messy room


Can you look at the picture and write sentences using prepositions: in, on, under, next to, behind. 

Read the text about Amy and answer the questions.


Look at the pictures of write down the names.

What is your favourite food? Write sentences about yourself.


I like ............. .

I do not like ............. .  

I don't like ............... .



When we talk about someone else's favourite food, we always need to add -s to the verb like. For example:


My mum likes pasta with chicken

Tom likes chocolate ice cream.


Negative sentences:


My mum does not like pasta with chicken.     (doesn't )




This is Klara. Look at the picture and write sentences about her. 

for example:


Klara likes milk. 

What do you like?


Ask members of your family what they like to eat.

After write down the sentences.

Try and use connectives and , but


Look at the expample:


Tom likes pizza but he doesn't like hot dogs.

My dad likes coffee and tea. 

What's in the fridge?


Look at the picture and write sentences. 


for example:

I can see a bottle of coke.

There is a delicious fish in the fridge.

Singular and Plural


When we make plural form of a noun we add -s.


I have a black cat but Tom has two ginger cats

Look at the pictures and write plural forms.